What I'm doing now.

I’ve just returned from a month long summer road trip with my family. 

We kept things simple, spending long slow days playing, exploring and adventuring together with no planned agenda and no distractions. It was epic.

I loved the experience of not having anything else to distract me from being present with what ever I was doing - away from the rush of the day to day and importantly, being off-line for days even weeks at a time. Time to refresh. 

September sees me back in my home studio with renewed creative energy and lots of ideas. I’m in the final stages of design on a number of client projects and looking ahead to new projects and commissions. 

In the background I’m also working on a website update to better share my portfolio of work online (look out for an update soon) and nurturing a small tribe of community athletes in my local area with HIIT The Park. A personal project that gives me the space to experiment with design, content, marketing and community building in a very direct way. 

The months prior to our trip were packed with project work for a range of clients and agencies including MCFC, Tate, FanaticsForever Digital, SPH and Street Support to name a few with work due to go live in the next few months. 

This page is a snap shot of what I’m up to now and is updated regularly. You can also read more about me here - About

Hire me. Email or call me with enquiries about work, freelance bookings or commissions.

I’d love to hear from you. 

Updated Sept 2017
Now page inspired by
Dereks Sivers

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