What I'm doing now.

Hello, I'm Mark Janson, a multi-disciplinary designer.  

I’m currently home in Manchester, UK and gearing up for an epic 2017 - the energy of the new year feels good. 

Last year was a big year of change as I moved away from daily working life as company director to become freelance and regain control of my personal daily focus and creative goals.

As a result I typically work from my home studio choosing to avoid the daily commute and enjoy productive solitude balanced with valuable family time spending as much of that time as possible with my young children.

I’m currently working with a range of clients in fashion, sports, art and education to plan, design and launch new projects into the world alongside working to launch my own (small) brand influenced by my daily aim to live more consciously, make stronger, deliberate choices and be more present - more on all of this soon. 

I’m also available to hire as a freelancer or on a contract/project basis for new clients, brands or creative agencies email me at mj@markjanson.com or read more about me here

I continue to think and focus on the daily essentials in my life creating more time for the people and activities I care deeply about whilst learning to say no to everything else (this is slowly getting easier). As a result and with careful management of my obligations I have been able to develop some new habits and better manage my daily schedule becoming more focused, creative and productive in all areas - this feels amazing. : ) 

Yoga remains a big part of my life, I continue to practice daily whilst deepening my studies with The British Wheel of Yoga working towards my teaching Diploma

This is a snap shot of what I’m up to now, you can read more about me here - About

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To connect please email mj@markjanson.com I’d love to hear from you.

Updated Jan 2017
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Dereks Sivers

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I’m always open to discuss new projects, ideas, collaborations or just to chat about leading a creative happy life.

Email me mj@markjanson.com
or call +44 (0)7966 486 180

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Graphic design
UX strategy & design
UI & web design
Brand strategy
Naming & logo design
Content creation

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