What I'm doing now.

Hello, I'm Mark Janson, a multi-disciplinary designer.  

I’m currently away enjoying a summer road trip with my family and will be back in my studio from September 01 2017.

The past few months have been packed with project work for a range of clients and agencies including MCFC, Tate, FanaticsForever Digital and Street Support to name a few with work due to go live in the next few months. Work updates on all coming soon. 

During the our trip I intend to live slow, be off-line as much as possible and be present with my family. I will also be taking some time to improve my writing skills alongside working on a side project combining my passions for design and Yoga. 

I will be available for new projects and freelance bookings from September 01. If you would like to discuss a project or booking, please email me with details and lets arrange a date/time to talk design.  

This is a snap shot of what I’m up to now, you can read more about me here - About

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To connect please email mj@markjanson.com I’d love to hear from you.

Updated Jul 2017
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Dereks Sivers

Let's work together

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I’m always open to discuss new projects, ideas, collaborations or just to chat about leading a creative happy life.

Email me mj@markjanson.com
or call +44 (0)7966 486 180

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Graphic design
UX strategy & design
UI & web design
Brand strategy
Naming & logo design
Content creation

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